World’s Biggest Snake

The green anaconda is considered the world’s largest snake. It’s a member of the boa family native from South America. The green anaconda is a nonvenomous snake which kills by constricting its prey and sqeezing it to death and swallowing it whole. It spends most of the time underwater but can be seen climbing trees and laying out in the sunlight. Green anacondas diet is mostly aquatic including turtles and water birds, and also some land animals.

Green anacondas can live anywhere from 10 to 30 years which depends on the enviromental conditions sorrounding the snake. Today, there are some regions in which the population of green anaconda is falling down because of people killing the snake. Many people kill the snake out of fear. They don’t want it arround their farm land, their house and their families. Green anacondas avoid people but sometimes they just live too close to them. The green anaconda is also kept as a pet in many parts of the world, but is still feared by many people. It is considered the largest snake because of its lenght, weight and width. On average, the green anaconda can be about 20 feet long, but there are individuals who have reached up tp 30 feet long. They are about 12 inches in diameter and weigh about 330 pounds. Individuals can reach the weight of 500 pounds when they have proper enviroment will a lot of food source.

The green anaconda is olive green with black blotches over its entire body. This snake is mostly found in regions of the South American tropical rain forest near water or river. Most green anacondas are found around the Amazon and Orinoco rivers in Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Guyana and Trinidad. The green anaconda is considered as an aggressive snake and bites when it feels threatened. It can kill a pig or a deer and swallow it, and this means that it can also kill a human very easily. There are many other large snakes, but the green anaconda holds the record for being the largest. There are longest snakes than green anacondas, and that is reticulated python, but the green anaconda is world’s largest snake becouse is heavier and wider in diameter.